Ifell in love with photography the first time I watched a print come to life in a tray of developer. Magic!

Since growing up in San Francisco I’ve been an award-winning newspaper photographer at the San Francisco Chronicle, shot freelance assignments from Honolulu to Honduras, and worked as a staff writer/photographer for nonprofits in Hawaii and California, including the Hawaii Department of Health, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and The Spiritual Edge project of KALW public radio.

My photography has also appeared in national and international publications, helped to promote nonprofit organizations across the United States and been honored with inclusion in GraphisPhoto, as well as in several Communication Arts photography annuals.

While I tend to be serious, I also enjoy clowning around. Ask my wife and 17-year-old son. Other favorite activities are bicycling, gardening, cooking, yoga, cross-country skiing, hiking, camping and watching superhero movies with my son.

I believe a good photograph can bypass your head to speak directly to your heart.

Mom&Kid Strip

Schools, Teachers and Mentors
I studied photography at City College of San Francisco and later got a journalism degree at San Francisco State University. Among my mentors I count Fran Ortiz, who was a wonderful photojournalist at the San Francisco Examiner; Morrie Camhi, who taught me the connection between photography and poetry; Ted Streshinsky, a freelance photojournalist who encouraged and supported me; Matthew Naythons who lent me Leica gear after mine was stolen; Phil Adam, who has always had uplifting things to say when times were tough; Robin Lee, who saw something good in my work when I was barely a beginner and my sister Terry who first taught me how to make black and white prints.

What I do

My strength is photographing real people doing real things. But I also love doing portraits and exploring new places with my camera. Among other tools, I use a Canon 5D, a Fuji X-10 and an iPhone SE.

I have written for a variety of journalism, nonprofit and corporate clients, including the San Francisco Chronicle, EAH Housing, Berkeley Engineering and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. I believe in the power of storytelling to move people to take action. Writing samples available here.